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TwS; show the world from inside out, is a brand with attitude, which epitomizes the personality and style of its wearer. Our vision is to create simple yet edgy designs that plays with graphic silhouettes, clever tailoring and an underlying hint of grunge twist to each piece, innovating our unique style suitable for savvy and confident women. We also believe that all women shines through her own confident. Therefore, not only do we beautify their outer layers, we also ensure they feel good from inside as well. As a result, our lingerie line is born and celebrates our ultimate motto; show the world from inside out.


Raised in Toronto, Maria Mak graduated at Ryerson University and impressed the city with her graduation show collection, which was sponsored by Fur Council of Canada due to her outstanding performance throughout the years, and was award to present the collection in the International Fur show in Montreal, and also was showcased in Holt Renfrew. She was also chosen as the top ten finalists for Young International Fashion Designer Competition in 2002. Maria has also won few fashion awards during her years in university, including the Best Ladies Wear and Best Futuristic Wear in CCFDA (Toronto, Canada).

Maria's love for out-of-the norm continues to develop throughout her years of designing for multiple international brand names. Her ambition of turning timeless tradition styles into distinctive pieces with edgy details urges her to develop the brand, TwS; show the world from inside out. Her love for contemporary designs does not only stop at Ready-to-Wear, but has further developed an exclusive line mainly focusing on lingerie that is both modern and accessible. By twisting sophisticated haute couture concepts into urban sensible nightwear for ladies to celebrate beauty through the nights.